Top 5 Tips for Moving With Children

Moving house is difficult and stressful and at Crutch Brothers, we know it more than anyone. However, we also know that moving with kids can make it 100x worse. Here are our top 5 tips for making your move as stress-free and smooth as possible for the entire family.

Plan Ahead – Start Packing Well in Advance of the Move

If you want to move without making your life a total disaster, then you should start planning & packing well in advance. This will give you plenty of time to get everything done and avoid any last-minute problems. Plus, it will be less stressful for the kids if they know what is going on and what to expect.

A good way to begin packing is to have a garage sale or donate any unwanted items to charity. Not only will this clear out some of the clutter, but it will also raise some extra cash to help with the move.

Make sure you also pack an ‘essentials’ box which contains items that you will need on the first day in your new homes such as toiletries, pyjamas and a change of clothes. This will make life much easier when you arrive at your new place!

Label Everything – this Will Make Unpacking Much Easier

Labelling everything is key to a stress-free move. You don’t want to be rummaging through countless boxes trying to find your toothbrush or your child’s favourite toy.

A great way to do this is to create a colour code system for each family member. For example, blue could be for Dad, green for Mum, yellow for the kids, etc. This will make it much easier to find things and unpacking will be a breeze.

Don’t forget to label the inside of each box too so you know what is inside without having to open it up. This will save you a lot of time and hassle!

Make a Moving Kit for Your Children

If you are moving with children who are younger, then it’s a good idea to make them a ‘moving kit’. This can include items such as a favourite toy, book or blanket to help them feel comfortable and settled in their new home.

You could also include some fun activities such as colouring books and crayons, as well as snacks and drinks to keep them happy during the move. This will help to make the whole experience less daunting for them.

Help Them Pack Their Favourite Toys and Clothes

If your children are old enough, involve them in the packing process by letting them choose which toys and clothes they want to take with them. This will help to make the move less daunting for them as they will feel like they have some control over what is happening.

It’s also a good idea to pack their favourite items last so they can have them to hand when they need them. This will help to make the transition smoother and less stressful.

Explain the Reasons for the Move and Answer Any Questions They May Have

Moving house can be difficult to understand with younger children, so it’s important to explain the reasons for the move and answer any questions they may have.

Try to be positive about the move and focus on the exciting aspects such as making new friends, exploring different places and decorating their new bedroom. This will help to ease their anxiety and make the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

We understand that moving house is a big deal and can be very daunting, especially if you have children. However, by following our top tips, we hope that you can make the experience as stress-free and smooth as possible for the entire family. Crutch Brothers are here to help with every aspect of your move, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any Removals in Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas.

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