How Much Do Removals Cost?

Average Removal Cost in the UK

There are many factors which can affect how much you pay for your house or office removal. These can vary depending on where you are in the country, the size of your house and how far your new location is. Crutch Brothers has listed the average cost of removals below so you can get a brief idea of how much you will be paying.

One Bed House

For a one-bedroom house, you can expect to pay anywhere from £350-£468.

Two Bed House

If you’re moving from a two-bedroom house you should expect to pay anywhere from £603-£912

Three Bed House

A three-bedroom house removal could set you back around £809-£1024

Four Bed House

Finally, a four-bedroom house can set you back anywhere from £1095-£1537

It’s important to note these prices are only averages and can vary depending on the factors above as well as the removal company which you use. If you’re thinking about using our company for removals in Tunbridge Wells or any surrounding areas, get in touch with us today for the exact price of our services.

How to Save on Removal Costs?

There are many ways in which you can save on the cost of your removal. Firstly, we should understand how removal costs are calculated.

  • Packing and loading
  • Travelling to your new destination
  • Unloading

There are other ways in which removal companies calculate their cost. For example, some companies may charge by the hour. As well as this, you can expect to pay more if your removal company offers a dismantling and assembling service.

Declutter Your House

The first step in saving money on your removal is to get rid of any waste/junk that you will no longer need in your new home. This saves money because fewer things will need to be loaded into the removal van and could save the number of trips that you need to do.

Reassemble Your Own Furniture

Many removal companies out there offer a dismantling and reassembling service which many people choose to do. However, you can save a lot of money if you opt-out of this service and dismantle and rebuild your own furniture. This means the removal men/women will just need to load it into the van for you.

Packing Materials

Packing materials are another way to save cost on your removal job. Although packing materials are essential for your removal if you can find a way to not pay for them it would be better. Maybe you have a friend who has a lot of spare cardboard boxes or you have some saved over the years. The more you can save the better it is for you.


Although the average cost of removals can vary depending on your location and the size of your house, there are many ways in which you can save money. Tips to reduce removal costs include decluttering your home, packing materials, and reassembling furniture yourself. Let Crutch Brothers help make your move as affordable as possible – contact us today for more information.

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